Nancy Doty

Vice President, Account Management
  • For over 20 years, Nancy has been working with state reinsurance programs, high risk pools and various health insurance subsidy programs. At PAI, Nancy oversees the account management and customer service teams, and is also a member of the Executive Leadership team.

    Nancy has held several positions at PAI, and her experience with account management, finance, customer service, and systems have all contributed to her success, both as a leader and with the retention of PAI’s clients. In fact, customer retention is at 100% under Nancy’s tenure, as she and her team work tirelessly to ensure ongoing success.

    During her tenure at PAI, Nancy facilitated the start-up of several reinsurance pools. She has been responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures for the reinsurance operations, quality assurance, has assisted in the development of systems for the reinsurance pools, senior prescription drug assistance program, and other state health insurance programs. Nancy shared responsibility in the development of a legislated informational website, a portal that offers consumers guidance in obtaining comprehensive information about health insurance policies and health care plans available to them in Connecticut. She has conducted training workshops and reinsurance forums, as well as assisted with the development of many program reporting packages. Her prior duties included project management, finance, regulatory compliance and training.

    Prior to working in the pool administration business, Nancy held positions in tax compliance at the Hartford Insurance Group, Diversified Insurance Services of America-a subsidiary of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, and the Travelers Insurance Company. Her involvement in the administration of programs that serve people in need began in 1993, working for The Travelers Insurance Company, MetraHealth, and UnitedHealth Group. Nancy has been with PAI since the company’s inception in 1998.

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  • “PAI’s commitment to effectively managing all aspects of our account relationship is evident from the first line insurance benefit consultants through to their financial and management support team members.”

    Executive Director, State Health Insurance Plan
  • “The PAI staff has been highly professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They perform their administrative functions on a timely and accurate basis and always keep the Board of Directors informed.”

    Board Chair, State Legislated Entity
  • “PAI takes initiative, problem solve and provide quality work in a timely manner. As I manage multiple programs and contracts, their ability to keep me informed while working successfully and independently has been invaluable.”

    Medical Administration Manager, State Department of Social Services