PAI has done prime contractor work in more than half the states in the U.S.

Government Agencies

Since our inception, PAI has worked with federal and state agencies to facilitate access to human services for people in need. We work with these agencies in a variety of capacities, such as being hired as a vendor partner, managing the file and data exchanges required by a program, consulting on specialized projects, collaborating on program administration implementation, revitalization or wind down, and consulting on pending or existing legislation. Examples of the types of agencies PAI interacts or has interacted with include:

State Department of Insurance
State Department of Social Services
State Department of Public Health
State Health Insurance Marketplaces
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Not for Profit Organizations
For Profit Organizations


Specific programs we have worked with include:

Medicare Part D Subsidy Programs, Ryan White Premium Subsidy (ADAPS) and Medical Cost Sharing Programs, State High Risk Pools, Federal Preexisting Condition Plan, Permanent and Transitional Reinsurance Programs, Prescription Drug and Out of Pocket Cost Reimbursement or Subsidy Programs, as well as other mechanisms that promote access to human services for those individuals in need.

Our staff recognizes and understands the challenges that Program Administrators and Managers face in today’s demanding economic climate where access to internal and external resources are constantly being questioned and reduced. We offer solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core responsibilities while PAI accurately and completely manages its responsibilities within budget. Our policies, procedures and systems are tailored to the specific requirement established by each program, guaranteeing a complementary client-based or PAI-provided systems solution. It’s this combination of tailored services, cost-effective customizable systems and service solutions that distinguishes us from our competition.
For more information regarding PAI’s Government Agency solutions, please contact Alyson Bohenko.
  • “PAI’s commitment to effectively managing all aspects of our account relationship is evident from the first line insurance benefit consultants through to their financial and management support team members.”

    Executive Director, State Health Insurance Plan
  • “The PAI staff has been highly professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They perform their administrative functions on a timely and accurate basis and always keep the Board of Directors informed.”

    Board Chair, State Legislated Entity
  • “PAI takes initiative, problem solve and provide quality work in a timely manner. As I manage multiple programs and contracts, their ability to keep me informed while working successfully and independently has been invaluable.”

    Medical Administration Manager, State Department of Social Services