of assets under management.

Reinsurance Programs

PAI is the nation’s leader in administering state health reinsurance programs. Our core competencies are rooted in subject matter knowledge of individual and group health insurance reform; collaborative skills to facilitate program design among regulators, national associations and private insurers; and a portable and reliable reinsurance administration system. PAI has continuously administered numerous reinsurance programs since its inception in 1998, and many of its reinsurance team members have been actively working with reinsurance programs. The reinsurance programs administered by PAI are mechanisms that have been created to stabilize the health insurance marketplace by spreading the risk of adverse selection associated with a guaranteed issue environment in the individual and small employer markets.

Highly Respected, Experienced Professionals:

PAI’s team of highly respected, experienced professionals provides direct program administration in all phases, ranging from daily interaction with issuers on routine matters regarding reporting and guidance with the rules and regulations, to staffing the board of directors.

We act as the liaison among the issuers, the boards of directors and the departments of insurance concerning issues related to assessments and reinsurance in general. Our services have proven invaluable to each stakeholder, and more importantly, the boards of directors, as these are voluntary positions and their time is very valuable. Having administered more than half of the health reinsurance programs across the country, we have dealt with all or most of the national issuers, as well as a multitude of state-based issuers. In addition, our level of involvement spans pure administration of day-to-day operations of the reinsurance programs to assistance on matters at a higher level, and of higher impact.
For more information regarding PAI’s Reinsurance solutions, please contact Karl Ideman or Nancy Doty.
  • “PAI’s commitment to effectively managing all aspects of our account relationship is evident from the first line insurance benefit consultants through to their financial and management support team members.”

    Executive Director, State Health Insurance Plan
  • “The PAI staff has been highly professional, knowledgeable and helpful. They perform their administrative functions on a timely and accurate basis and always keep the Board of Directors informed.”

    Board Chair, State Legislated Entity
  • “PAI takes initiative, problem solve and provide quality work in a timely manner. As I manage multiple programs and contracts, their ability to keep me informed while working successfully and independently has been invaluable.”

    Medical Administration Manager, State Department of Social Services